Take 5 paces, turn, and TYPE!

WordsEye (www.wordseye.com) let’s anyone create 3D scenes by simply describing them. These scenes can be used in a message, to illustrate an idea or story, express a visual opinion, or create art.

Here are 5 reasons I believe WordsEye is the most creative site on the web:

1. WordsEye artists work on-site (or IOS mobile)

My favorite author, Arthur Koestler, defines the creative process (to paraphrase) as the serendipitous intersection of two planes of thought. The essence of creativity is manifest in the “act of creation” and not on the walls of museums or in the millions of images being posted and curated on Tumblr, Reddit, and Facebook. By keeping only a thin membrane between the creative act and the WordsEye community, the site remains vibrant and wildly creative.

2. WordsEye artists banter on each other’s works

WordsEye is the first medium ever that allows people to riff on each other’s scenes by changing a word or two, moving the camera, or adding effects. While it’s easy to imagine bantering with humorous or editorial ideas, it’s cool to see this in action at the aesthetic and abstract level. What follows is a 3 scene humorous banter sequence:

Original post: “There must be an easier way to make a burger”

Ist visual comment: The Veggie Burger

Second visual comment: “Mealtime!”

3. WordsEye artists are pioneers

Wordseye technology has made it possible, for the first time ever, for text to create a picture. And WordsEye artists are the first people in history bridging this historic gap. As with all pioneers, their excitement for the work they are creating is palpable, with some artists spending more than 100 hours a month making scenes.

4. WordsEye scenes are limited only by the artist’s imagination

5. And lastly, WordsEye is only getting started

As the tools improve, more and more people will find it simple to create scenes with language. Changes to core language (and AI) features, expanding the library of locations, adding new 2D and 3D content, and the ever-expanding repository of artist-generated scenes, will continuously make it more fun and powerful to use the system. Later, there will be the ability to generate animated sequences.

Visit WordsEye at www.wordseye.com and become a part of (what I believe is) the most creative community on the web! Once up to speed, post your scenes in the WordsEye gallery or in the comments below.

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Innovation strategist. WordsEye Co-founder. Author of “Everyday Superhero” (Penguin Random House) Contact me at zamchick@gmail.com