Close Encounters of the Pollywog-ian Kind

  1. Love thy customers
    Connect with their unfulfilled needs and aspirations
  2. Embrace uncertainty
    Shift team thinking into the liquid space between building and dreaming
  3. Model beginner’s mind
    Suspend judgement and put expertise on the back burner
  4. Identify and pursue shared aspirations
    Build kinship and trust
A Digital Life Initiative seminar poster
WordsEye World user types
One of 3 posters generated for “The Tech Giants, Monopoly Power, and Public Discourse” event
FIGJAM facilitation and voting
Boardroom disruption | Aspirational alignment
A birds-eye view of other ponds I’ve visited



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Innovation strategist. WordsEye Co-founder. Author of “Everyday Superhero” (Penguin Random House) Contact me at