Staying the Course Amidst Uncertainty and Disruption

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“The enormous Kraken is below the sailboat. The sailboat is leaning to the front. — 3D WordsEye scene

In the ever-evolving realm of innovation, it’s easy to find ourselves trapped in the doldrums, with our course at the mercy of unpredictable winds. Amidst the overwhelming influx of data and the mounting presence of AI, maintaining focus and direction becomes a formidable challenge.

Fixating solely on the digital flotsam and jetsam strewn in our path won’t steer us to success. The noise can be deafening. Instead, the key lies in cultivating a multi-dimensional mindset — a continuous source of originality and innovation. It’s within playful minds, capable of arranging thoughts like Tetris blocks into meaningful configurations, that novel ideas flourish.

Rather than getting overloaded by the influx of information, we should strive for integration — weaving the information we pull in into a tapestry of thoughts and a vibrant ecosystem of growth. Instead of trimming the shoots we send out into the world, nurture them as paths to discovery.

So, how can we best navigate these stormy seas?

Reflecting on my own journey, during my twenties, I developed the habit of sketching a conceptual matrix — an intricate web illustrating my diverse interests. This matrix encompassed paths such as illustrator, cartoonist, medical illustrator, biologist, game designer, art therapist, and more. Each path’s progress served as a compass, guiding me toward potential goals.

For instance, looking at one such path, art therapy found expression in various experiences:

While this trajectory seemed to point towards a career in Psychology, its true value revealed itself in the newly emerging role of “Experience designer” — crafting scenarios to enhance customer interactions in domains like retail, hospitality, and museums.

The beauty of passion mapping is in its ability to cultivate a “generalist” mindset. Most of us engage in multidirectional thinking to ensure we don’t go down rabbit holes that obscure our broader career vision. But how often does it become a habit of mind?

When you find yourself at a crossroads, be it at 19 or 59, consider mapping your macro and micro steps in different directions. This practice can enrich your current pursuits, unveil next steps, and facilitate potential pivots. Amidst constant change, this process can also anchor us against the overwhelming tide of information and the influence of trendy and nearsighted thinking.

Embracing a multi-dimensional mindset empowers you to navigate uncertainty with agility, creatively solve complex problems, and infuse your career with purpose and uniqueness. Here are five ways this mindset can aid your journey:

  • Adaptability: A multi-dimensional mindset grants the versatility needed to thrive in shifting landscapes.
  • Cross-Pollination: Embracing various fields fosters the cross-pollination of ideas, leading to innovative solutions.
  • Complex Problem Solving: This mindset equips you with a holistic outlook crucial for tackling intricate challenges.
  • Resilience in Uncertainty: Multi-dimensional thinkers leverage diverse skills to thrive amidst rapid change.
  • Creating Unique Value: The ability to connect disparate dots generates unique insights, propelling industries forward.

The latest addition to my journey, intertwining both my cartooning and art therapy paths, has been my collaboration with organizational strategist Tony O’Driscoll on our graphic novel-style book, “Everyday Superhero, How you can inspire people and make real change at work” ( It’s artful therapeutic focus is on guiding leaders through uncertainty in a dynamic world.

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